Extend your brand in...

Five (& a half) steps

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You’re in very good company if your challenges are met by our off-the-peg services. They are fast, focused and used every day by the biggest and the best. For those of you looking to shake things up around here, we deliver effective brand extension in five and half steps.

Step 1


Learning about your brand, fans and market to understand what’s great about you, why you are loved and why the market might be interested in you more than someone else.

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Step 1 (and a half)


This is our secret ingredient. We’ll ask you for an important measure of success. It could be financial, it could be something else entirely, but it must be meaningful, measurable and matter to you and your IP.

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Step 2


At this point we know about you, your fans, and your market. And we’ve agreed what matters to you and how we’ll measure it. So now we’ll set out a strategy of how to achieve the results you need and the tactical briefs we need to implement to get there.

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Step 3


We’ll deliver amazing creative that’s laser-focused on delivering your important measures of success and delighting both commercial partners and fans alike.

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Step 4


Creative delivered. Job done. Now we’ll walk away and hope it worked out for you. No, only joking. We’ll join you for the implementation, working with you and your partners to refine and improve the tools you need to succeed.

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Step 5


Part strategy, part style and here comes the substance… We’ll analyse the results with you to understand what worked, why, and how to improve.

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