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Brands face common problems when it comes to extension and licensing. Disjointed teams, leading to hit-and-hope strategies with creatives stuck in a rut. It's clear that brand extension is breaking. And we're on a mission to fix it…

And after talking to Licensing directors, brand, sales and creative teams we understood why… nothing is getting measured. And you can't improve what you don't measure. Which is why we do things differently. We focus on driving amazing results, and we do that by measuring what works and what doesn't, thinking strategically, and delivering crafted creative at the point it's most effective.


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Fans First

The number one reason your brand is doing any of this, at least as far as we’re concerned, is to make people happy, to bring them joy. It’s all about building stronger and deeper relationships with your fans. That’s why every brand extension decision is made with them and their needs in mind.


Effectively Excellent

We changed brand licensing in a big way when we introduced the concept of trend forecasting. Now we’re doing it again with the idea of making brand extension more effective through detailed measurement. We aren’t quite revolutionaries, but we’re definitely making a stir.


Diverse from day one

If you want to reach all the different kinds of people that make up your audience, you need an agency that’s equally as diverse. Diversity has been baked into our culture from day one, meaning your extension efforts will be effective for everyone.

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We’re the only agency that comes from a strategy and forecasting background. We started with insight and our strategic perspective is our greatest strength.

— Oliver Dyer, Founder & Strategy Director

Oliver D, Skew

We want the client to be proud to show our work off to the wider market. We want them to say ‘yeh, we worked with Skew and look at what a great job they did for us’.

— Jushna Begum, Design Manager

Jushna B, Skew

I love the the variety at Skew. Graphic designers input on print and textile designers join on brand identity. You never feel like you’re stuck in a niche.

— Alex Baldwin, Senior Designer

Alex B, Skew

Our drive is to do things differently. Every time we do a project we want to make it the best it can be and not just rush it out. You can tell there’s a level of care in our work.

— Sam Norden, Designer & Illustrator

Sam N, Skew

When a project comes into the studio - everyone is on board. We push ourselves to give more than the client expects.

— Alix Bigois-Jeambrun, Textile Designer & Illustrator

Alix B, Skew

One of the things about Skew that makes me proud is that we always question things. I think this is important - asking the right ‘why’.

— Sara Bignardi, Design Director