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Blockbuster movies, AAA games, premier sports or internationally renowned cultural attractions have one thing in common: fans. And fans tend to be, well, fanatical about the brands they love. They can spot a lazy logo slap and are savvy to a short term cash grab.

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Take the time to understand what connects brand to fan though and the rewards are better commercial relationships, a faster route to market and a more engaged audience.

That’s why to reach your audience with brand extension you need to put the same passion into your creative assets that goes into their fandom. Skew’s cutting edge East London team immerse themselves in fashion, design and retail culture to bring you stunning, original imagery designed to delight your fans.


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Brand Assets

The Brightest & The Best

We are proud to be trusted by the brightest and the best in entertainment, sport and culture to delight their audience with stunning design assets. But function is as important as form. Assets are useless if they look great but are hard to use, dragged down with restrictions or slow down your business and reduce profitability.

Our assets are built to nurture your partnerships with entirely original, easy to use, production ready assets signed over to you, world-wide in perpetuity.

Your commercial partners will love working with them, speeding up the approvals process and improving your working relationships.

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Service Breakdown

  • Packaging
  • Brand Iconography
  • Backgrounds
  • Repeat Patterns
  • Applied graphics
  • Badges
  • Placements
  • Compositions
  • Typographic design
  • 2D Illustration
  • 3D Illustration
  • 2D and CG Character development
  • Character illustration
  • Product development
  • Product mock-ups
  • Apparel development and mock-ups

Ready to go?

Character Building

Ready to make the move from CGI character to apparel brand extension? Our character workshop will help you move from 3D animation pipeline to stills that pop on product and look amazing even in single colour.


  • Consultation and scope
  • Concept designs
  • Final 2D characterisation
  • Delivery of production ready asset


  • Proven experience with animation production teams
  • Deep expertise in 3D to 2D creative translation
  • Proven development pipeline
  • Worldwide perpetual rights assignment
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Skew are unique as they interrogate insights and dive deeper. I trust them, they collaborate closely and always have the brand’s best interests at heart.

— Demi Patel, Senior Vice President - Creative Services at Copyrights Group

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you create assets in house?

Yes. We have a team of experienced illustrators, designers and artists. We also have an extended network for trusted freelance artists that work under that same terms.

Who owns the assets?

You do. Unless otherwise agreed we work on the basis that our work is for brand extension and is built for clean rights management from the start.

Can you create assets from nothing?

Yes. We create imagery from intangible assets all the time.

What is the turn around?

All asset projects are different, give us a call to for a free consultation.

How quickly can you start?

We are usually over-subscribed but projects do get put on hold from time to time so call for an up to date schedule.

Will you represent our IP?

No. We’re a consultant and creative agency not at Licesning Agent. We’re not tied to the licensing model

Do you pitch?

We offer paid pitches. Our policy is not to free pitch but we will in certain circumstances based on project qualification.

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