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The licensing industry is ready to make its next leap. Where your budget works harder, creative is accountable, and relationships are put first and foremost. So not only do you get the deals and key relationships, but you get all the creative assets you need to extend your brand more effectively.

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Braver thinking for brand licensing

Style guides have been the brand licensing industry’s creative hammer for 30 years. But it isn't 1990 anymore. The industry’s evolved, consumers are changing, routes to market are moving. But today, everyone’s still banging away with the same outdated tools, like subjective style guides, hit-and-hope strategies, and disjointed teams.

It’s time to rethink and refine the way we do it all. The way we deliver strategy, creative and measurable results. It’s time we sharpened our toolkit and stepped into a new era.

If you’re looking for a blunt instrument to bang something bland out, we’re probably not the best fit. But if you want deeper expertise that’s tailored to you and proven to perform, then let’s talk.

How it works


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We’ll bring all your teams together, aligning sales, commercial, and creative. Then we’ll immerse ourselves in everything, learning about your target market, assets, and transferable attributes.


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We’ll give you a comprehensive strategy incorporating your target market, available assets and overall creative direction. Together we’ll also set out our KPI’s so we’re held to account.


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A great strategy is nothing if you don’t put it into action. We implement your creative assets, brief your sales team and co-pitch. After all, we’ll know your brand inside-out, so it makes sense to keep us around to lend a helping hand.

We’ll be with you for 12 months, developing, launching, and refining any creative insight, assets, and pitches, all perfectly timed to be as effective as possible. Everything you need to unlock licensing opportunities.


Years original asset experience


Of assets delivered

Beyond creativity

Proven to perform

Effective brand licensing is built on sound strategy, crafted creative, and making sure everything gets measured. Pick a subscription that works for you.

Smile Guide

Unlock opportunity with stunning assets that improve commercial relationships and delight fans.


£3k / month

Annual Best Value

£35k / year

Most Popular


Target interventions with greater scope for territory, category and demographic focus and retail exclusives.


£7.7k / month

Annual Best Value

£90k / year


Multi property, territory, category and demographic support. DTR exclusives, updates and DTC e-comm support.


£12.9k / month

Annual Best Value

£150k / year

Helping the world’s most-loved
 brands to expand

British Museum
The Open

Skew immersed themselves in the British Museum, this and their trend and design expertise, have generated creative content that's achieving strong commercial results.

— Craig Bendle, Manager Of Merchandise at The British Museum

British Museum Photograph

We’re not just ‘doing graphics’, we’re trying to do the best thing for the client, the best for their market.

— Florencia Mazza, Senior Designer

Florencia M, Skew

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Extension Accelerator ?

It is an evidenced based rethinking of how to approach brand extension for a post pandemic world.

Does the Extension Accelerator come with a style guide?

This is a go to market solution that replaces style-guides with a twelve month programme of creative interventions targeted at unlocking commercial opportunities.

What assets will we own if we don’t have a style guide?

We work alongside you to establish the key relationship you wish to unlock over a twelve month period and amass assets to unlock those relationships. At the end of the term you’re not only left with the deals you wanted but also the creative assets you need to bring them to market and re-use them again just as you would in a style guide.

How much does it cost?

Investment is balanced to match the scale of opportunity you need to unlock. Options are available from targeting a handful of key accounts to a multi territory sales drive.

Will you manage our IP?

No. We’re a consultant and creative agency not at Licensing Agent. We’re not tied to the licensing model.

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Brand licensing is evolving, and you need to evolve with it. Book a call to find out how we can help you unlock brand extension opportunities with a new way of doing things.

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