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Here at Skew, we believe that delighting fans is what we’re here to do – bringing all of the joy, belonging and participation that comes with fandom to our clients. So when IMG Paris asked us to create a brand licensing style guide for the Rugby World Cup 2023, we only had one answer...

Let’s give it a (ahem) try

The client wanted a set of original assets that would build off their brand identity and bring an elevated, premium feel to their merchandise. No logo-slapping in sight. They needed something with broad, long-lasting appeal – that would feel relevant to die-hard and newbie fans before, during and after the games.

With our previous work for Formula One, Royal Ascot, UEFA, Rugby League and R&A – we’re proud to be among the best in the world at bringing a love of sport to life. So we knew that the end result wouldn’t be just a t-shirt, hat or keyring. It would be a token. A celebration of something special, of a moment shared with friends and family, of an unforgettable experience. In a small but important way, it matters.

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Designing with dedication

First thing’s first: research, research and more research. By digging into the culture of the game, fan segmentation and participating nations – we began to build a picture of the fanbase and get an idea of what it is they really want (aside from winning the cup).

A task to tackle

After several stages of design work, we delivered a set of carefully crafted, illustrative designs that were simple enough to be embroidered (not just printed) – and a badge kit consisting of several versions for each of the participating countries.

Whilst they’re minimal in style – all were researched and thoughtfully constructed with the fan base in mind, then developed and tweaked until we landed on the perfect composition for our client.

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A score from Skew

By connecting to the fans and putting the work in to understand them, the client got something that worked for the brand, retailers and fans. Win, win… and win.

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Oh, and we don’t mean to boast – but all of the bestsellers are items designed by Skew. Which just goes to show that when you’re designing for fan brands, it’s all about designing with heart. And keeping your eye on the ball, of course.

All images are final Rugby World Cup 2023 licensed products using Skew designs sold at RWC 2023 Store
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