Meet Alix Bigois-Jeambrun, Textile Designer & Illustrator at Skew

Alix loves everything to do with kids design, fashion, products, and books. She wrapped all her experience from her MA in illustration, her specialism in print, pattern, and storytelling, and 10 years experience of leading Skew’s brand extension projects for Viacom, Warner Bros and Discovery to launch her own brand: Bandit Circus. “I love all the creative sides, it very much feels like a playground where I can explore and express my creativity”.

Question and Answer

with Alix......

What was it that brought you to Skew...

I was just finishing my MA ( In Illustration & Communication ) browsing the University of The Arts website and came across your ad for a textile design role. I love the diversity that print, pattern and products bring and I felt like Skew could be a good match.

And ten year later…is it?

Hahahaha yes, yes it is.


What is you ideal project?

I’d love to be able to work on a fashion brand and oversee the project from moodboards, to design and actually develop and ship products. I love to visit factories, pick fabrics, see prototypes, run photoshoots, everything - sometimes it’s frustrating to deliver a style guide and walk away.

Great, and you’ve done that for yourself with your significant side hustle right?

At Bandit Circus yes. I threw myself into it without really knowing about all the aspects of having a business. I really, really enjoy working with photographers, considering marketing and how to present my products to people. It makes me happy.

You’re not from London are you...

I’m French, from Nice and I miss the sun ☀️ and the sea. I took it for granted for years and now I realise it is a big part of me. When I go back to Nice I go to the beach every day.

The compensations of London must be pretty big to drag you away from Nice...

I love London, it’s a place where everything is on your doorstep. The museums, shops and activities. I love the diversity, how busy it is, even though it can be very tiring - I love the people.

We’ve work with amazing clients - why do you think they work with us.

When there’s a project that comes into the studio - everyone is on board. We push ourselves to give more than what the client expects. We’re friendly, work really well as a team and get along really well. I think it comes across to the client and they trust us. We care.

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