Meet Florencia Mazza, Senior Designer at Skew

Flo studied both Fashion and Graphic Design at BA and applies both when it comes to your brand extension. She started out freelancing in Buenos Aires, designing print and graphics for fashion brands such as Vans, before going on to launch her own tableware brand.

At Skew, Flo started out big with SpongeBob and then went super-size with the challenge of ramping up production to 1000’s of assets for Ubisoft. Flo leads Skew’s trend research, giving regular insight presentations for our culture clients including National Portrait Gallery and The British Museum.

Florencia M, Skew

Question and Answer

with Flo......

What was it that brought you to Skew?

When I found Skew I remember discovering a project I liked, your ‘Doctor Who’ project. I was like ‘OH yes!’, I like this because this is something I would buy. I really loved the products. They were a little bit more high end, something I would buy myself.

It’s been eight years for you at Skew, what type of projects inspire you?

Honestly I enjoyed most of them. I really like working on kids brands, I found them really playful. Or on games, where the volume of work is a huge challenge. Brand extension combines the things that I like the most, print, graphics, a little bit of fashion, a little bit of trend. I am really enthusiastic about how that combines.

What makes for a happy project for you?

When you have a good interaction with the client and when we work really well as a team. So it’s both things together. When we share internally really well with the whole team and everyone shares inspiration. Then also when we get really good feedback from the client. Not that I mean they have to like everything we do first time but that when they are involved with us.

Where do you find inspiration?

What? I mean…. everywhere! I am collecting ALL the time, I’m always looking for inspiration. I like going to exhibitions, reading up on trends, living in Instagram and Pinterest, following influencers and talking to other designers.

You’re quite a way away from London aren’t you...

Argentina is so far away from Europe but my location inspires me. I love the community that lives here. I’m here for my friends and family. Buenos Aires is such a cultural city but I’m always looking for more, digging for what’s next.

You’re so obsessed with print and pattern that you’ve started a side hustle.

You know when you’re stressed and you need do something that really relaxes you? Well, doing print and pattern is my thing. I really enjoy it. ‘Flo & Alix’ is my one day to do my own brand, where I can get out all my own prints.

Why do you think clients should work with Skew?

When people love what you do, I feel all of the team LOVE what we do, then you have good results. Everyone is really involved in our work, we are always trying to be better. It’s something we’re really good at. We pay attention to details, try to understand the brand, try to understand the market. We’re not just ‘doing graphics’, we’re trying to do the best thing for the client, the best for their market.

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