Meet Kiran Bhatti, Finance Manager at Skew

Soon to be a proud MBA holder, Kiran is invested in our numbers and has high ambitions for Skew. Following her ACCA, Kiran joined Skew to balance the books and is now our financial controller. She loves diving deeper into the complexities and challenges of running an agency that’s constantly growing.

Question and Answer

with Kiran......

What were your early impressions of Skew?

I’d always worked in corporate workplaces, it was big change. I loved working at Skew it was just a different culture, like a family. Being a smaller company you know everyone, I was only doing two days a week but everyone made me feel really welcome. I still love working at Skew.

You’ve changed as Skew has grown...

Woah it’s changed a LOT. I was doing the basic bookkeeping when I started. I took all of that off you and a lot of what the accountant did. Now I’ve taken control of monthly reporting, looking at profitability and forecasting and budgeting for the year, looking at pricing and even the business model. The growth I’ve had since I’ve been at Skew has been amazing.

You mention that you meet clients all over, where's your favourite?

There is so many. Obviously we have clients close to home - lots in Manchester and Cheshire. But we also have several clients in London, and I'm regularly visiting London to meet existing clients and potential prospects. Further afield work has taken me to Dublin, Krakow, Prague, Paris and Barcelona. We also just won a contract with a client in Miami, Florida - so I've got my fingers crossed an opportunity will arise to go visit them and enjoy some sunshine.

How do you help clients?

I help us have happy customers. Clients and the team are the biggest priority. What I do is clear the path for everyone else to focus on what important for our business and the clients needs. The creative work. I work closely with Jushna to make that happen and make sure we get paid on time so we can work effectively.

You just started an MBA. How is it going...

It had been such a long time since I’d been back to university. I wanted to do something for myself. I wanted to grow myself with Skew’s help. I want to enhance my leadership and decisions skills. I’m going to help the business grow by bringing back what I learn.

Not all of your study has been in London...

No. I grew up in Kenya and came to university in the UK twenty four years ago. It was a shock to come here alone. We had such a different lifestyle in Nairobi. I miss the slower pace, the food but mostly my big family and the sunshine.

Why do you think that clients work with Skew ?

It’s the extra we give them, which is a bit of problem for me if we over deliver. But the reason we have return clients is because they love what we give them.

If you could ask one thing of our clients what would it be?

We’re often working with more than one company, more than one department and conflicting team priorities. I’d ask them work more closely so we can help them more efficiently. What do you expect? I’m looking at numbers 🤷🏽‍♀️

And what would you change about Skew?

There were a load of new challenges during the pandemic. Things that we’d never dealt with before. I’ve been involved with the development of the business even more. COVID has accelerated that.

I’m ambitious for Skew’s growth. We all love the culture of the company and we have so much potential for growth in the future. We’re making that growth happen. I see it in the numbers.

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