The View From Skew | March 2024

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The View From Skew | March 2024
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TL:DR Skew’s creative team shares their insights, inspiration and intelligence on everything design and branding. ""

Every month the Skew design department gets together to discuss interesting sources of inspiration, emerging trends, design software developments and anything else that has caught their eye. The top picks from this month take us on a whistle stop tour of AI design, museum merch and ‘Happy Endings’ rebrand.

HERMÉS x ADIDAS ORIGINALS AI concept | Mattias Gollin
HERMÉS x ADIDAS ORIGINALS AI concept | Mattias Gollin

AI or not AI

Love it or loathe it, the march of ‘creative’ AI continues. AI platforms like Sora and Midjourney are revolutionising the way we work and causing much debate within our design team.

On the one hand, rather than fearing them as competitors, creative minds can see these platforms as valuable tools for optimising efficiency and output. These tools don't replace human creativity; they complement it, requiring designers guidance to reach their full potential. Embracing these advancements isn't about relinquishing control; it's about using technology to enhance our creative processes. One great example that we’ve seen is the HERMÉS x ADIDAS ORIGINALS AI concept by Mattias Gollin, check out the video here. There’s no doubt that this wasn’t created from a sentence casually chucked into a prompt bar. It took an incredible amount of work, finessing and creativity to make.

On the other hand, it would be foolish to jump in with both feet without first taking into consideration how these tools are trained. Midjourney uses artists' work without them being credited or remunerated, leading to questions around copyright and fair use, not to mention the ethical implications of ‘stealing’ others' work.

The jury may still be out but what we do know is that just like in the 80’s with the release of Photoshop and QuarkXPress these tools are here to stay and will only become more widely used.

Maritime Museum x Jolly Goode | Greenwich Meridian Collection
Maritime Museum x Jolly Goode | Greenwich Meridian Collection

Timeless Style

On a recent visit to Greenwich, Skew designer Alex, submerged herself in the National Maritime Museum licensing programme. Alongside your more traditional nautical lines, the museum has taken inspiration from its iconic location, the meridian line, using a simplistic representation of the coordinates and cartographic symbol. See the full collection produced in collaboration with Jolly & Goode here.

Another collection that caught Alex’s eye was the accessory and homeware lines made from recycled flags and sails. These bold designs that have been repurposed into bags and cushions offered an alternative to your more traditional maritime motifs. The designs retained the punch holes that would have attached the sails to the ship, integrating them as interesting details and incorporating a nice splash of storytelling.

Happy Endings | Brand Identity by Land of Plenty
Happy Endings | Brand Identity by Land of Plenty

And now for a Happy Ending(s)

We’re loving the rebrand of Terri Mercieca’s iconic Happy Endings ice cream line. With a huge scoop of nostalgia, eco-friendly ethics and a ton of rainbow sprinkles, this aesthetic is a feast for the eyes. What we particularly loved is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously, resulting in a contemporary and flexible brand that ice-screams fun!

Going beyond identity, Happy Endings rebrand included elevating the product packaging to align with the brand's wider ethos of sustainability and inclusivity. The rainbow gradient pays homage to traditional ice cream menu boards whilst also communicating the brands LGBTQIA+ roots. It's colourful chaos, where joy reigns supreme. What a sweet treat!

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